Australian researchers develop evidence-based online tool to support breastfeeding

Lactation is the final phase of the reproductive cycle. While 96% of Australian women initiate breastfeeding, most are unable to sustain it for the minimum recommended duration.

Women often receive conflicting advice that can have a negative impact on their ability to initiate and sustain breastfeeding. Therefore, an important strategy to improve lactation rates is the education of health professionals so that they can better support women during breastfeeding.

Australian scientists have now developed the online tool LactaMap to deliver evidence-based support to doctors and other healthcare professionals. This enables breastfeeding women to have access to consistent and high-quality advice during an important period in their baby’s development.  

Medical practitioners utilise LactaMap’s clinical practice guidelines to develop a personal care plan for their patient. LactaMap can be accessed for free by medical practitioners as well as the general public.

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